Thursday, June 11, 2009

~last song: SECRETO DE AMOR~

i will write the rest of my life..
i will reveal what's been
in my heart for so long..
even after many goodbyes,
we will see each other again..

fate will not abandon us,
it will bring us to the same place
and same day,
this is not really living
without you, the sky's like
darkness without end..

i'm smiling but they say i'm not,
they say i look panthetic
and sad..
i loved you but i couldn't tell you,
i couldn't show it..
i missed you until i fell asleep..and
if you ever feel it is too much
for you to bear,
until you relieved from the sadness,
until you are tired of crying,
will you think of me when
you can't bear it anymore..

we're smiling because we have to..
we'll go on living because we have to..

p/s: im dedicated this to someone that is always in my mind.. and i need to stop it from overshadow me.. so, this "last song" is the last time i 'll talk bout this feeling.. take care "my secreto de amor"~


fairuz said...

why is this the last one??

nasevh said...

bcoz i dun want to think it anymore..
there are some matter that we are fated to avoid it..
and that is must..
just want to forget that nonsense feeling..
and continue my life~